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Essential Routines: Your Arm Pits

Essential Routines is a Clean Age series where we break down the key information you need to know about daily habits.  Your armpits are a perfect...

Parenting With Style

“I’ve never been a mom before,” I admitted to our seven year-old.  She laughed, “Of course you have.”  No other job in the world comes with such ...

Why we made the best deodorant for kids

There comes a time in every kid’s life when they begin to take care of themself. It’s typically around age eight or nine, and with this new respon...

5 Ways to Talk to Your Kids About Puberty

  Keep it casual. Make the conversation easy and natural. If you feel awkward, so will they. Car conversations seem to go well. Try starting ther...

5 Ways to Build Close Relationships With Your Kids

  Be a good listener. What’s important to kids may not be what’s important to you, and that’s okay. Practice listening without distractions for 3...

Clean Teens, Happy Parents

As a mom of four girls, I care about what my girls are putting on their developing bodies. So often you read ingredient lists on products and it feels like another language. Clean Age is simple. It’s designed by tweens for tweens, with the guidance of a Mother. The ingredients are natural. It actually works! AND... it’s affordable.


My son is getting to that age where a full day of school with a bunch of kids leaves him smelling like a locker room. While after school car pool still stinks, at least now i can blame the other kids. :-) . Honestly though, this product has a nice subtle scent that my son likes and he wears. Can't ask for much more than that.


Our 11 year old son has been begging for a deodorant of his own, dropping all the name brands with harmful ingredients for a developing body.

So glad we discovered Clean Age! He has had his stick for a week now, and loves making it a part of his daily self-care routine!



Always Cruelty-Free
Made by Parents
Good for the Earth
Non-Toxic Formulas
Always Cruelty-Free
Made by Parents
Good for the Earth
Non-Toxic Formulas