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Time for the right products. 

When Cana started wearing deodorant her mom, Rachel searched for something safe and effective. After learning about the harmful effects of aluminum in antiperspirant, Rachel determined a natural deodorant was a better way to go.

Limited Options

While Rachel and Cana found some natural deodorant options, none of them were formulated for teens or preteens. Smells were too strong, ingredients were questionable, formulas were scratchy, and the packaging was not directed toward kids who were just starting to learn to care for themselves.

A Burning Need

A few months later Cana’s little brother started to need deodorant too, and his dad’s "Old Stuff" seemed too strong and manly for a 9 year old boy (plus it burned his skin).

The Start of Something Special 

So, we built a team of packaging, formula, and ingredient experts (who also happen to be parents) to bring Clean Age to life. Today Clean Age gives teens and preteens the essentials they need to help them establish healthy habits for a lifetime.