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Personal Care Products
For a New Generation

Products made for babies or bigfoot aren’t really your vibe. Less plastic, clean formulas, and fresh scents that don’t burn your nose or skin? Into that. Add in a healthy dose of creativity and inclusivity?

For Sure.

This is Clean Age

Find us in the aisles of your favorite stores – shaking things up with bright products made with better ingredients, packaging, and formulations that work for a younger generation of shoppers. Natural deodorant and toothpaste tabs (just as fun as they sound) are the foundation to a daily routine that keeps you fresh.

Hey, Hey!

I’m Rachel, Founder of Clean Age. As a mom of four, I know how overwhelming the teen years can be – for teens and their parents. A lot is changing, and fast. I have 15+ years of experience in the industry, and when it came time to shop for my own teens’ personal care routines I was disappointed with the options (and so were they). I wanted them to have clean, effective products that weren’t gender-specific. I also wanted them to have a brand they enjoy using. Because after all, if it’s not fun, no one is going to use it.

Personal Care
is Self-Care

In a life filled with class, practice, homework, group texts, games, finals, shows, shoe creases, dances, and breakdowns, finding a few minutes to care for yourself and take a deep breath is game-changing. When you look in the mirror and gather yourself to face the day with confidence, Clean Age is there.

Why Teens

We once lived in a world where teens used whatever products their parents did, now parents look to you for answers. You are more knowledgeable than the generations before – thanks to Google and TikTok. Yet, you weren’t represented on the personal care shelf.

We offer products made with inclusive values, clean ingredients, and packaging that is better for the environment.

About Our Natural Deodorant

Traditional antiperspirants don’t allow your body to naturally detox and cool through sweating. That annoying odor and stain on your shirt is caused by a buildup of bacteria in clogged armpit pores (gag). Coating on thick, overly fragranced antiperspirants only makes it worse. (Plus, they are packed with questionable chemicals.) Clean Age natural deodorants meet you where you’re at, offering you a natural deodorant that
works, all while doing good for you and the planet. Sounds too
good to be true?

Our Yuka score is a steady 93/100 – try finding any other deodorant brand that comes close.

What’s A Toothpaste Tab

It’s a small tablet (think Smarties) that you pop in your mouth, chew for a moment and brush with a wet toothbrush. This waterless formula is better for the environment, and comes in a compostable carton. They work like that polish the dentist uses at the end of a cleaning – a little gritty, and a lot effective at keeping your teeth fresh all day. Need less grit? Just chew a little more. Want an extra-fresh experience? Use two tabs.

minty fresh!

Our Partnerships

We’ve teamed up with some super cool organizations to give students across the country access to natural, sustainable personal care products.