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Copy of FAQ

What is Clean Age? 

We’re a natural products company built to support teens, tweens and young adults. We believe this is a critical time and they deserve products made just for them. 

When should kids start wearing deodorant? 

This is totally a personal preference, but we recommend chatting about personal hygiene and starting good habits before odor becomes embarrassing. Usually, this is around age nine. 

How long does one stick of deodorant last? 

Each stick should last between one and two months. If you’re applying more than once a day, it’ll be closer to one month. 

What makes Clean Age products teen-friendly? 

We’ve made each product with simple, natural ingredients. In addition, packaging is sustainable because we believe keeping the earth clean is important for our future. 

Do natural products work? 

We’ve taken great care to find products that work well. While products may not act exactly as their chemical-heavy counterparts, they are effective and safe. 

Why do you sell deodorant instead of antiperspirant? 

Antiperspirants keep your body from naturally releasing toxins via sweating. We’re not big fans of stopping this natural process, so we sell deodorant. Deodorant keeps bacteria from growing under your arms, which is actually the cause of odor (not the sweat itself). 

Should I detox if I’m switching from antiperspirant to deodorant? 

Yes, we recommend three or four days of wearing nothing, but showering every day to detox. During this time sweat will clear the antiperspirant that is blocking your ducts and allow your skin to adjust to deodorant. Even so, it may take a couple of weeks for deodorant to work effectively during the switch. Stick with it!