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Essential Routines: Your Arm Pits

Essential Routines is a Clean Age series where we break down the key information you need to know about daily habits. 

Your armpits are a perfect incubator for stink: They’re hot, dark, and they’re a site of toxin-elimination for your body. A clean, dry routine can help you stay fresh and healthy. 

Clean: give your pits a proper scrub-down in the shower. Wash them then rinse completely. Leaving body wash or soap under there can cause irritation and rashes (no bueno). 

Dry: the most overlooked step in caring for your pits. After the shower dry those pits with a towel, and then leave your arms up to air-dry. Just 30 seconds of air-dry time can make a world of difference.

Apply: choose a non-toxic, natural deodorant. Stay away from antiperspirants with aluminum or other chemical ingredients. These will disturb your body’s natural processes and have been linked to long-term health risks. Just two swipes from the bottom of your pits up should do it. If you have time, keep your arms in the air to let it sink in before you put on a shirt. 

As you go about your day you may sweat. That’s okay – remember your body is taking care of itself by getting rid of toxins. You can always shorten the steps by re-washing your pits in a bathroom sink and putting on a few fresh swipes of deodorant.