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By Clean Age

Why we made the best deodorant for kids

There comes a time in every kid’s life when they begin to take care of themself. It’s typically around age eight or nine, and with this new responsibility comes a whole host of smells and questions. And, it’s easy for adults to forget what it was like to be a kid at this age – when personal hygiene habits were a mystery. This is why every Clean Age deodorant is labeled with detailed instructions for first-time users to follow. 

Also, we’re really into keeping deodorant for kids as natural and mild as possible, while still being effective. That’s why there are so few ingredients in Clean Age products, and no aluminum, ever. Kids just need the right mix of ingredients to keep armpit bacteria from turning stinky – no need for massive amounts of chemicals or fragrance. 

In short, it’s a simple idea: deodorant formulated to work for kids as they begin to care for themselves.

- Cana and Rachel