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Parenting With Style

“I’ve never been a mom before,” I admitted to our seven year-old. 

She laughed, “Of course you have.” 

No other job in the world comes with such weighty responsibility and so little training. And, just when you think you’re on a roll, those small humans grow, change, and start new chapters with a different set of challenges. 

As things change, it’s helpful to define your parenting style. Similar to work style or cooking style, the circumstances may change, but the way you show up can be consistent.

A playful parenting style is one where fun and connection are valued as a part of the family. This builds a strong bond between parents and kids, giving you the best chance for a lifetime of fun together. It’s a pretty easy sell: have fun as you do the work of parenting. Kids value fun, and when you can have fun, it shows them love.

Ways to Be a FUN Parent: 

  • When something is funny LAUGH. Kids love to see their parents having fun. 
  • Make chores a game. We’re into having a Director of Dishwashing and a Sweeper Keeper. Whatever you do, make if fun. 
  • Appreciate kid’s humor. When they crack a joke laugh with them. 
  • Move it! Physical play helps kids and parents de-stress, learn teamwork, and connect. 
  • Say yes more often. Start with one day of saying yes to all of your kid’s ideas.